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Monday, November 27, 2006

End of semester drag

Usually the end of the semester seems to be the longest for me, and probably for other folks as well. This is the time when I need to hurry up the final touches of the last lectures that I had put off until later (later always seems to come faster than you think), when final projects come in for grading, and especially up here in North Dakota, the weather begins to take a dramatic turn for the worst.

It starts to get to the point where I really look forward to the weekends to do my own work (dissertation and such) while I still have weekends that are free. Most of the weekdays are spent finalizing course preparations and getting final projects graded and final exams written. But on top of all of this, we are expecting a winter storm up here in North Dakota. Seems to be a backward storm to. Winds from the east and snow turning to freezing rain. I am glad that I do not teach tomorrow because I imagine the roads are going to be terrible. I'll work from home and avoid the drive. We haven't had much weather up here yet, so people still haven't quite relearned how to drive in inclement weather.

But only two weeks of classes left and finals. I am glad to be done with my coursework and am able to focus on my class and my dissertation this year. I am excited to see the final projects that my students will be handing in. I am requiring a media portfolio demonstrating psychology concepts. I hope to get some good ideas for examples from these for my future classes. Just wish that grading them wouldn't be so time consuming!


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