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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stats Nerds

All stats nerds unite! Someone has actually made a stats rap set to "Grillz." You can see it here Really only true stats nerds can appreciate this. May be somewhat useful in an introductory stats class near the end, maybe as a way to remember some fundamentals for a final.

Generally I've been pretty stagnate on the dissertation lately. I did start a rough outline for my resutls section and found some possible other analyses to run. But right now in my life I've been focusing more on getting back into a healthy lifestyle.

It is amazing how graduate school has affected my activity level. I'm not talking about doind stuff, but I'm talking physical activity. This is probably the least active I've been in my life. Even in college, though I did not exercise much but at least I had to walk everywhere. Since entering grad school I've gained about 10 lbs and have done little exersice. The exersice I have done has been pretty sporatic. Maybe I'll do good for a semester, but then it droppes off again.

So right now I am focused on getting more active. I'm on a running program right now to help me train to be able to run for more than a meager block. I also do a lot of bicycling and walking. In addition to this I'm watching what I eat and am a member of My Food Diary which is a great site for people who are looking to loose weight the proper way. Through watching what you eat and exercise. I have also taken up the President's Challenge and am 4% on my way to the Bronze Award. Yeah, not far, but it is a goal to look forward to. I'm also thinking of possibly entering into a 5K run sometime in the future. There is the Roger Maris 5K run in September. I'll see if I want to do that. I would certainly be a tangible goal to need to train for!


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