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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to School

Well, it has officially started. Classes started at 4:00pm on Monday and now the new school year is in full swing. Today is the first full day of classes. My class does not start until tomorrow, but I still have a lot of preparation to do yet. I have managed to create a hyperlinked dictionary for my online notes and I am still in the middle of doing that. I also have to update my PowerPoint and include the interactive TurningPoint slides into my presenatations. I sure hope the receiver and software are ready to go by tomorrow. And on top of it all I'd like to try to do some sort of in class research with the interactive clickers, but I still do not know what to do. There is very little research using these so I do not have a lot to go by.

Along with getting my class ready, I have quite a bit to do on the research/dissertation front. I really need to get back into it and start really thinking about the important findings and possibly starting to write up some articles on what was found. Hopefully I can get another first-author publication or two before the year is out.

Even though this year has started hectically as they all do I am still excited by the first days of school. At least I still know that I have a love for education and university life. Hopefully this year will be better on the job front and I will be able to keep up this lifestyle!


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