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Monday, March 26, 2007

March Madness

No this is not in reference to the busy wrap up of the winter sports season, but to the busy time of year that March seems to be. For many of us it would seem that March allows for some time off (Spring Break) and the promise of warmer weather....which never seems to come. But for both students and teachers alike it is actually a really crazy time of year academically. Getting ready for midterms and then catching up again after the break. Realizing that you haven't prepped your class far beyond that midterm because at the beginning of the semester you had promised yourself that you would continue on with a chapter a week....which again doesn't happen.

So I have found myself being perpetually prepping stuff this whole month because of the midterms, breaks, and the upcoming 2 weeks that I'll be gone to sunny Hawaii. But I am now at the end of this craziness and have gotten nearly everything done and now I just need to get through one more day of classes and then I am off.

Caleb and I will be going to Hawaii first on the fact that it is a family trip with my parents and secondly to celebrate all of the changes in our lives that have occurred in the last 6 months: Caleb getting out of the Air Force, Caleb getting on with the Air National Guard as a C-21 pilot, me getting a job at Morningside, and me (hopefully) finally graduating in May. As we will look back on this year, I have a feeling that we will wonder how we managed to weather so many unknowns.

Hopefully there will not be too many fires to put out once I get back. And once I do get back there will only be 4 weeks of school left, I will have my dissertation defended on April 20th and graduate a couple of weeks after that. So long 'student' label, hello "Professor Christopherson"!


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