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Friday, February 22, 2008

Am I qualified to help with career advice?

This past week I have had the task of informing students about the types of jobs that they can get with a psychology degree. I have a basic idea of the types of jobs (we have lists of them to hand to students), unfortunately my own experience is one of the more rare for undergraduate students...not many will go on to grad school to be an academic.

So even though I feel I am quite capable of informing students how to go about getting to graduate school and the types of jobs that this extra training affords, I am not as good with the types of jobs related to psychology that one can get with a B.A.

Luckily at the Majors Fair the college held this Wednesday there were a couple of recent graduates who were working in areas related to psychology (VISTA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters). Had they not been there I would have felt a bit of an impostor I think. I simply need to speak to more people about what types of jobs there are for students who are interested in working in a field related to psychology, but do not want to go on to post-graduate school (or at least not yet).


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