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Friday, September 07, 2007

A trying week

This week went well, but it was probably the 'reality check' week for me. Firstly, on my Web morning class I managed to push over my coffee and spill it on the podium (where there are electronics I might add). Luckily nothing major got wet (thank God for cup covers!). Then at the end of the class period I went to hand them their homework assignment and found that I had made no where the number of copies I needed (I later found the extra copies in my office). I did have it available online though.

Also through the class period my computer would not project on the screen. I try not to be a "death by PowerPoint" type of person, but my handwriting is so bad that it is really necessary for me to use it. So I needed to write notes on the board. No big deal there, but I was worried about my computer being in trouble (also not coffee related, it had been acting up prior to the big spill).

I called computer services and it turned out that my Motherboard was dysfunctional. So I had to relinquish my school computer to them to be fixed (luckily Gateway Guy was on campus that day). This is also a day to be proud that I am a bit of a Geek and bring both of my computers to work (school and personal....there are different programs on each one). So I was able to continue doing work.

Those were the unexpected parts, the other trial was the realization of how much work it will be to do grading for my 3 classes. I had a short paper (1-2 pages) due in 2 classes and a 3 page worksheet in the other. How can I forget how much time grading takes?!? But it is for the good, I found out that my Gen Psych students need a refresher on operational definitions and that my Dev Psych students actually appreciated the extra reading I had them do.

So it is the end of my second week. Starting to really get the hang of stuff here. I'll maybe go to my first sporting event (Football) this weekend.


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