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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Setting up Life

Last Friday my husband and I went down to where we will be moving to to look for apartments. We have not had any luck yet in selling our house and so we must look for something temporary while we wait for it to sell. Because we have a mortgage and will be taking a little bit of a loss in pay with my new job we needed to find something that we could afford to pay and also keep up with our mortgage. This lead to a pretty low price range.

As we were looking we needed to have a garage because of our vehicles and enough stroage space to hold a majority of our stuff. We didn't want to rent a self-storage place if we could avoid it. Well, it was an interesting day and you certainly get what you pay for. One of the places we looked at probably should have been either condemned or burned to the ground. I've already been a bit on the frustrated side with this whole process because we have pets (nobody wants pets on their properties).

So after a few hours we are going to rental property managers and asking if they have anything that meets our specifications. The first place didn't have any, neither did the second, but the lady from the second place did give us a referral to an apt complex with underground parking.

Long story short we ended up at this apt building and were very impressed. We set aside a 3 bedroom that must be at least 1000 sq ft. Plenty of room to store our stuff, and are pet friendly, in a good neighborhood, and a decent building.

So we finally have a place to live. I've never been this close to moving cities without having housing set up or available and it was really starting to stress me out! Now just comes the packing which I've started, and getting ready for my first day.


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