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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My List

Today I have been inspired to write a list of things that I want to accomplish sometime in my life. This exercise really made me reflect on some of the things that I value in life and wish that I would do or would do better. Here is my list (most likely I will add to it) along with the inspiration for each item in no particular order.

  1. Run a 1/2 marathon (or even a full marathon): Inspired partially by my own rediscovery of a love of running and in others that I know that have done this monumental task.
  2. Volunteer for something I believe in: Having been so self-involved for the last few years in grad school, now I feel a need to give back somehow through some sort of consistent volunteer work. Not sure yet what this might be.
  3. Own an environmentally friendly vehicle: I already own a vehicle that gets over 20 MPG, but I would like to own a hybrid one day or a vehicle that runs on renewable fuel.
  4. Travel continental Europe: I've traveled in the UK and Ireland, but I would also like to travel the rest of Europe, hopefully visiting every country.
  5. Hike a trail (Superior, Appalachian): And here I mean 'real' hiking. Carrying all that you need on your back and being out there for days at a time. Inspired mostly by Bill Bryson's 'A Walk in the Woods.'
  6. Write a travel memoir: Again inspired by Bill Bryson's books and for a personal memento by myself to help me remember my travels.
  7. Read all of the histories of Middle Earth: Because I'm a big LOTR geek.
  8. Learn to tango: Inspired by my friend Lisa and her husband's tango at her wedding reception - HOT!
  9. Be in good physical condition when I'm 60: My grandparents all in all were or still are in good physical condition and are all in their 80's and healthy.
  10. Bo on a softball team: Just because I know I could never be on a baseball team. I love the sport!
  11. Experience the Boundary Waters: Lived in MN for a good deal of my life and never went there....bad Minnesotan!
  12. Learn a language well enough to carry on a conversation: Because Americans are known to not know other languages and I feel that it is a good thing to be able to do this. Plus it's cool!
  13. Travel to every continent at least once: Hey I have 3 out of the way just 4 (S. America, Asia, Antarctica, Africa) to go!
  14. Read many of the Great Works: Again this is the intellectual in me. I feel that this is a good exercise for the mind and the soul.
  15. Do an AIDS ride or a 3-day walk for cancer: These are personal accomplishments but nothing like those that the people who have these diseases must deal with every day!
  16. Watch less TV: Because I feel I watch too much!
  17. Play an instrument well again: I used to play something (french horn, piano) at least once everyday and I miss making music in my life.
  18. Take more initiative in my personal life: I tend to want others to make the first move and I feel that I am left behind because of that.
  19. Retire comfortably: Who doesn't
  20. Have fewer days that I 'throw away': in that I don't accomplish something or enjoy that day. Each day should be a gift to you and you should also give something back each day.
  21. Eat healthier: I do well now, but still have bad habits and some binge eating tendencies when depressed.
  22. Learn more American history: Because you can't understand the present and the decisions that you must make for the future without looking back!
  23. Become a parent: I was still a bit scared to write this one down, but I do know that one day I would like to be.
  24. Be a better sister: Me and Jessie are not terribly close but we have gotten closer over the past couple of years. I miss having her as a major part of my life and must do better on my end to foster this important relationship.
  25. Be an inspiration to someone: Because I have people who are responsible for where I am today because of their inspiration. I want to give someone else that same drive and determination to work hard for their dreams.


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