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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wow! I'm Done.

Well it's official...I am now Dr. Christopherson. I had my graduation ceremony last week Saturday. I was the second person through and as I was up on stage in front of some 3-4 thousand people, I completely blanked! I wish I had stopped to pay attention, but thankfully my husband taped the event. There was only one other time where I remember feeling like that and that was at my Church wedding. For most of the day, I just didn't quite feel right, like I wasn't sure who I was. But I guess that can be expected because this is a new phase in my life. I am done with being a student and will now guide other students in a field that I love.

I still find a bit weird and a little sad to know that I will be leaving UND soon. I will miss my friends be they students, classmates, staff, or faculty. I have really made a connection here and so many people have helped my journey.

Now my summer will mostly consist of prepping my classes for the Fall Semester. I will be experimenting with a different method of testing beyond just multiple choice and still try to incorporate more demonstrations and active work in the classroom. After having mostly large classes where the lecture format is king, I will now be teaching much smaller classes where I can incorporate these activities.

Additionally, I have research to conduct and to write up. I am hoping to write up at least 2 articles this summer to submit to journals. Additionally I have 2 research projects that are in the data analysis stage this summer.

But perhaps my biggest project is developing my own online study questions program using authorware. I have just some of this project completed. Now I need to figure some of the more 'advanced' aspects of the program. I'd like to have a test version ready sometime next academic year to do some pilot testing with some students (hopefully).


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