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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yea! I'm officially part of the crew!

Well today I received my Morningside e-mail account and access to my class rosters. I guess this means that I am really a part of this institution now! I'm even in the directory now as "assistant professor." It really is amazing how some things just don't hit me until I see it in print (or in this case virtual print on the Internet). Looks like my Developmental psych sections are both full but I still have about 10 seats left in my General Psych. class. I'm sure these will fill up after the new freshmen begin registering for their courses.

I also have learned that I will receive a notebook computer for my use at the college. I don't know the details on that yet, but it will be nice to have one computer for personal use and one for business (my computer is nearly full as far as memory goes....too much music). Additionally the dean of the college gives incoming faculty a couple of books to help with the transition and to learn more about how to teach in the college environment.

I really just want to be able to get down there and start my new job! We are still, however, looking for a buyer for our house. Once that happens I have a feeling that things will begin to move very quickly.

As far as preparing myself for the new school year, I have already finalized the revisions on my General psych. lecture information and will begin updating my Developmental class next. The Dev. class will probably take the most work because I need to get through the entire lifespan (before I've only managed to get to middle age!).

But I feel that as far as course preparation goes I should be well prepared. Hopefully that will leave me time to learn the new institution and it's processes, get some writing done, and get some stuff published. I also hope to have a trial version of my study tool done sometime next year too so that I can hopefully continue my research program on the use of online study tools.


  • At 1:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    When will you remove the word "wannabe" from your blog title?



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