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Monday, August 06, 2007

One week to moving day

Moving day is officially set at Tuesday August 14th. Most of the house is loaded up and packed away in boxes. There are just a few more things to get done. But I can hardly believe that I will be leaving here after 5 years. Hopefully the move goes well!

I have just received my schedule for my first week at work. This involves new faculty orientations and workshops. A full week, which I wasn't quite expecting. I thought it might be half days leaving the other half for me to settle into my office and get ready for classes to start. Not the case, so I am busy getting the first few weeks of classes more or less prepared. I also learned that there will be a marticulation ceremony on the Friday before classes start. This should be interesting! I'm glad that I bought my regalia for graduation...looks like I'll be getting some use out of it!


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