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Friday, January 02, 2009

Let's start this year right

Ok, so for those few of you who do happen to follow this blog, I am sorry for the long hiatus. I do not believe I've blogged since last spring and I know for a fact that I did not blog at all this spring. I have no good excuse, I just got lazy. And quite honestly, nothing of real interest has been happening. But here is a quick overview of the past 6 months or so...


I taught Abnormal Psyc to 4 students. It was interesting and challenging to teach to such a small class. But we got to get into some of the more interesting (or at least what I think is interesting) topics in this area.
Caleb and I went to Lake Okoboji to 'camp.' Honestly I do not think people in northern IA know what camping really is. The 'campground' we were in was basically a parking lot for RV's and fifth-wheels. But we rented a pontoon boat and had a good time. We only got rained on once!

Caleb went to Milwaukee with my dad for the HOG member rally. They had a great time!


We nearly sold our house twice only to have our hearts broken both times. We are still the proud owners of a house in a city we no longer live in.

I taught a capstone class in psychology. Got to read a lot of original literature that I have never had the time to read. Very fun!

Conducted a research study with 'clickers' in my dev psych class. So far the results are as I significant differences. To improve student experience and performance takes much more than the simple addition of a technology.

I am the chair of our IRB board (named IRRB at our college). Lots of paperwork and organization, but interesting to see all the different research being done on campus!

Member of a technology task force for the President of our college. We are going to give a list of recommendations at the end of the school year for where we see Morningside heading and what it should keep in mind in terms of technology.

Ran my first 5K! I actually finished with minimal walking. One day I will run the entire way!

I am faculty adviser for our psychology club. I'm hoping to improve membership and increase the activities that this group does. Right now it seems it is only a pocketbook for students who want to travel to conferences with a service project thrown in for appearances (my personal opinion). We can do better than this.

I received a travel grant to help offset expenses for MPA from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

OK so that's the skinny. One of my resolutions this year is to keep blogging more. I have also decided to re-dedicate to Twitter as well. So if anyone who reads this also Tweets you can find me there using my name.

I hope everyone has a great 2009. We can only hope that this year is better than 2008 was for many Americans. I certainly hope it is better for us. We nearly had our house sold....I hope by this summer we will be rid of that expense!



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