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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First day of Lecture

I am just a half hour out of my first lecture of the year. I am prepared! All of my notes are in order, my flash drive works and has the required files on it, and I checked with the classroom services to make sure the TurningPoint software and receiver are in and working.

There are a couple of new things I want to do this semester. 1) to keep a record of the student responses using the TurningPoint clickers and trying to get some research on that and 2) I want to write some of my own exam questions rather than simply going from the test bank.

I also am excited to have TA's and labs to prepare. This will allow more hand's on learning for the students and hopefully they will be useful. I intend to poll the students after each test to see which labs they felt were the most and least useful and why they view them that way. Hopefully my TA's will also have some insight as to what sort of stuff to do in the labs, but I will not count on it too much. They are busy people and our meetings are 3 days before the labs actually meet.

So anyway, I hope all things go well. I'm not really too nervous yet, even though I'll be in front of 200+ people in a bit. I'm sure I will be when I get in the room!


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