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Friday, March 13, 2009

Student Conference Travel

Tonight I write this post from a hotel room in Kearney. Sitting comfortably in my Rodeway Inn bed I have been reflecting on what a great experience it is for the students to come to these conferences that are student-focused. I can see the dedication of the students, their nerves, and their pride in their research and in sharing their research. Morningside Psychology department has a great tradition in traveling to these conferences. Today people were asking me if our college would be returning next year. I had to say "of course"! It is getting to the point in our department that it is expected that we travel to Great Plains Undergraduate Research Conference (a traveling conference mostly in MO, NE, OK, and KS).

I know the students also really look forward to this every year. Talk of past trip is often tinted with reminiscence and the idea that this is the last GP conference often seen as a somewhat sad experience.

I wish I had taken more advantage of the conference travel as an Undergraduate. However, our department really only supported one conference, whereas we travel to 3 and sometimes 4 here at Morningside. I am also appreciative of the support given to our students by our department, student government, and administration. This could not be possible without that much needed support.


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