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Detail of the life a new academic. The progress from graduate training to professor. Includes reflections on the job hunting process, research in technology and education, and what it is like to be a new college professor.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The first day of class was an interesting experience. First, my class is HUGE! I didn't realize what 200 people in one room looked like. Secondly, I was nervous, but not that nervous. Usually I feel very uncomfortable the first day, but today I just had a few jitters.

Overall the first day went well. I did the normal stuff and introduced myself and went over the syllabus. But the thing I was most happy about was that the Personal Response System worked almost without a hitch! I had the students practice using it with just a few slides with basic demographic information (year, major, where from, etc) and things went well. I also asked if they enjoyed it and they had a positive reaction.

Now next week I start going over content and I am already worried that I am behind! I may need to trim down the research methods part a little bit. Not by much but at least a little. I am excited for the rest of the semester. With the practice that I've had teaching Intro I feel much more comfortable and now an actually starting to really enjoy lecturing on many topics. I'm also glad that I've decided to take out some stuff, and add other possibly more interesting stuff for the students.


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