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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm already in the weeds!

Those of you who have ever worked in a restaurant know exactly what this term means. It is only the second week of school and I already feel like I'm behind. Much of the distress comes from not knowing if I will need to officially graduate in December or not. If so I really need to dedicate most of my time to dissertation writing. But right now there are other demands on my time...getting job applications out, revising a literature review, preping for class, entering data in time to possibly present in time for our University conference (Northern Lights Psychology Conference), plus just surviving the several weekend trips that will be made this month.

This week I focus on getting my job packages out because once they are out, I really no longer need to think about them until I start being contacted. I also want to get this review article back out so that I don't need to worry about that either. Once these two things are done and out of my hands much more dedication to my dissertation can occur.

I've done pretty well so far this semester keeping on task and I have already accomplished a lot especially when it comes to the job packages. Really all I have left right now is to finish a few more cover letters to some recent postings, make copies of different job components and then start stuffing envenlopes. Much of the hard work applying for jobs at this point is done (i.e. cover letters). Now I will need to focus on the potential job talk and that will grow out of what I write up for my dissertation, so they are pretty much the same.

For now I just need to keep plugging away. Luckily I have taught Intro a few times so there is not a huge amount of prep work involved in it. This year it is mostly management issues with having 200+ students.


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